Fourth transnational FORM partner meeting, 14-15 November 2023, "Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center, Nicosia (CY)

This meeting will be hosted by HOPE for children CRC Policy Center and will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus on the 14,15 November 2023. It will be coordinated by the Odisee University of Applied Sciences from Belgium.

The objective will be to learn about Foster Care services of HOPE for Children. The University of Kassel (Germany) will present the training model on therapeutic foster care for minors with a refugee background.

An in depth discussion will take place on how it can be used in case work and in the pilots in Belgium (PLEEGZORG OOST-VLAANDEREN), in Italy (Salesiani per il Sociale), in Cyprus (Hope for children CRC Policy Center). This will be an opportunity for a field visit in a shelter for Unaccompanied minors and a visit to a Childrenā€˜s house.

An exchange will take place on the work to be done on policies and field recommendations for future sustainable improvements on the situation of the target group.

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