ENSA - European Network of Social Authorities



ENSA is a network of cities and European Regions coming from 13 member countries that has the aim to promote
international cooperation in the social field particularly in five subject areas of intervention, each with its own “thematic
network”: elderly, youth, child issues, disability and social inclusion as a transversal issue. ENSA was established by the
Veneto Region in 1999. Since then the network has developed and supported solid partnerships between a wide range of European Regions and has carried out seminars, conferences, study visit programmes and exchanges of operators.

The co-operation between partners has brought about the opportunity to carry out several projects financed by the European Commission. ENSA represents an excellent opportunity for local and Regional Authorities to participate actively in European policy making and programmes.

The ENSA network has an experience of more than 20 years in the field of communication and dissemination since the network has as its scope the answer to social needs of its target groups through mutual learning and the transfer of good and “bad” practices. To reach this aim the working groups are dedicated to a specific area in the case of minors, children and families these groups are led by Kind and Gezin from Flanders and by the Regional Department for Youth and Families from the Veneto Region’s Social Services.

Once a year all the working groups meet in a “General Assembly” which is platform that enhances dialogue between stakeholders and which is held each time locally by a different Hosting Authority. During this Forum open to the public with targeted study visits the European institutions are invited to discuss the latest news in social welfare.

Furthermore ENSA collaborates with the ELISAN network with participative Status at the Council of Europe. The Legal representative of the ENSA network is the Director of the Veneto Region’s Brussels Office therefore this Regional office will promote jointly with the ENSA the objectives, work in progress and results of this project making its premises, communication instruments (monthly bulletin and weekly newsletter) available.

Furthermore the Veneto Region is also involved with all the Italian Regional offices coordination, the Committee of the Regions (with its members), the European institutions and more than 300 Regional based offices



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