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Salesiani per il Sociale was founded in 1993. It is an association promoted by the Italian Salesian catholic congregation with the mission of promoting socio-educational services; preventing youth discomfort and marginalization; coordinating Civil Service and voluntary activities in Italy and at international level.

Salesiani per il Sociale is based on the human experience and teachings of St. John Bosco and the Salesian educational system. It has two main purposes: coordination and promotion of activities in the area of volunteering, of conscientious objection and civil service; dissemination of a culture of acceptance and respect for the human person, through the design and implementation of educational interventions in favor of children and young people, in conditions of  marginalization and social exclusion.

The main targets are vulnerable and abandoned young people/minors with justice and addiction problems and at risk of drop-out.

Salesiani per il Sociale is present all over Italy with a network of services, operators and volunteers:

  • 90 federated bodies, juridical autonomous and coordinated by the Federation: voluntary organizations, no profit organizations working for the promotion of social services, social cooperatives;
  • 1000 employees;
  • 2866 volunteers;
  • 30 foster homes for abandoned minors;
  • 22 daily care centers to prevent youth discomfort;
  • 150 youth centers/oratories to promote the wellness and the social integration of adolescent and young people;
  • 6 care centers for drug addicted people;
  • 540 structures developing Civil Services projects with young volunteers involved.

It works also at regional level, stimulating its members associations to work together in 4 interregional committees (based in Torino, Roma, Napoli, Catania), to have more impact to local level and involve a huge number of volunteers and operators.


  • Don Bosco Youth-Net (European network for the promotion of social and voluntary activities for young people);
  • EAPN – European Anti-Poverty Network (European network to face poverty);
  • Educ-Europe (European network for the promotion of education and training activities)
  • Sirius Network for Education and Migration.



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