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Second Steering Group meeting, 16 November 2022, Venice (ITA)

The second transnational meeting of the FORM-project will take place on 15th and 16th of November 2022 in the premises of the Veneto region in Venice (It). This 2nd transnational meeting will provide excellent networking opportunities amongst the partnership, but also with the 2 European networks that are closely related to the project. This meeting will be organised and hosted by ENSA.

The aims of this meeting are

  • to have a meeting of the Steering Group, planned on 16th of November
  • to take part on 15th of November in the events of the ENSA network (general assembly and working groups)
  • to join the Youth Care Platform meeting (the Youth Care Platform is also the Advisory Board of the project. The actual state of play of the project will be presented and commented during this meeting).

The topics to be discussed at Steering Group meeting on 16th of November will be:

  • State of play of the project (timing, budget & payments, outcomes, …);
  • Discussion and agreement on the outcome of Project Result (PR) 1;
  • Presentation of first drafts of PR2 (model for therapeutic foster care for UMR) and PR3 (training on that model);
  • Looking forwards to the work package 4 (pilot phase in which the foster care partners will try out the guidance model);
  • Planning of the training (4 days training foreseen in Januari/Februari 2023 in Rome);
  • Defining the criterions for selection of the foster care workers (they will be invited for the training);
  • Defining the criterions for selection of the foster families that will take part in the pilot phase.

The report of the meeting will follow

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